Let me help you to get structured

In a few sessions, I will give you the tips and tricks you need to bring more structure to your business and push you in the right direction equipped with great tools and a new mindset! Are you ready to take the next step towards achieving your goals?

A suitable plan on your business


Let’s work together

I know what it takes to run a business like no one else. Soon after I started my own business,

I started to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

Making the investment to outsource work might feel like a risk at first, but when you take this step you will be rewarded. Every entrepreneur has their own strengths, so why not play to yours?

Working together

With the right level of support from someone you trust, you can spend more time engaging in what you are best at! I developed a model to help new entrepreneurs,

How to grow to the next level?

I will teach you how you can manage your business effectively, make sound decisions and ensure you have a clear marketing strategy.

A plan for start-up entrepreneurs

I have developed an advisory module that allows me to help starting entrepreneurs. This way you don’t have to stroll the whole Internet and think of everything yourself.

I teach you how to automate your business in an effective way

I can teach you to set up a structured business. Where you start, what choices you make and how you are doing everything well in terms of marketing and communication. I can explain in a simple way how the technique works behind the systems, by means of practically explained videos. Through my large network i easily switch on a helpline, which allows us to be specialized.

Things we will focus on

> All-round structure

> Mindset

> Planning

> Marketing plan

> Website

> Social Media

> In box/Customer Support

I can help you with the following PROGRAMS

>Active Campaign for email marketing

>Mail chimp for email marketing

>Drip for email marketing

>Kajabi for an online learning platform

>Word-press for the website

>Divi, Elementor and WP bakery

>Money-bird and whoocommerce for the financial administration

>Trello and Asana for project planning and overview

>Toggle for Project Overview

I’m happy to help you,
to get known and comfortable,
with different programs.


What will be the next steps?

At first, we will start with an introductory meeting to get acquainted and decide how we will get to work.

Contact moments

Subsequently, we will schedule five meetings. We take 90 minutes.

Online Call

For these meetings, we will use a program called ‘Zoom’, which will enable us to share your screen whilst we are on a call to one another.

We will assemble a to-do list every week, in this way, we will create a clear view on what tasks lay ahead of us.

in this way, we will create a clear view on what tasks lay ahead of us.

In 6 weeks I will help you to simplify your business and create a structure so you can keep focused on the things that really matter.


If you would like to discuss how I can help you further, or require more information on the services I provide, I’m happy to schedule a call with you. Leave me a message with your name and contact details and hopefully, I will talk to you soon!